Honeyland ราคาขณะนี้ ฿8.96.

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3.24% (24H)
ต่ำ ฿7.56
สูง ฿9.19
  • Market Cap ฿1.47 B
  • Volume ฿15.89 M
  • ATH ฿11.89
  • ATH(เปลี่ยนแปลง %) -24.57%
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Honeyland ราคาขณะนี้ ฿8.96 และมูลค่าตามราคาตลาด (Marketcap) ฿1.47 B. ราคาขณะนี้ 3.24% ราคาสูงขึ้น ใน 24 ชั่วโมง

Honeyland is a fun-first, play and own casual strategy game from Hexagon Studios.The Honeyland ecosystem of mobile games begins with Honeyland and will be followed by 8 more casual games with solo, PvP, and tournament play in 2023. All powered by a single deflationary token ($HXD), with Honeyland being the core token-emitting game.Players of Honeyland build their colony of bees to send them out to harvest Honey ($HXD) or hunt in-game consumable NFTs like power-ups, defensive items, or even playable characters.They can also risk their own $HXD to attack other players' hives in an intense auto-battler loop.Our belief is that in order for web3 games to succeed, they need these three things:1) Insanely fun to play2) Ownership that creates value3) Sustainable economyHoneyland proudly holds the esteemed Verified By Machinations seal, the gold standard in healthy game economics that verifies we have created a balanced, sustainable and unexploitable economy.Traction- $1m in pre-game revenue through NFT sales throughout the bear market.- Most recent mint in December 2022 sold out 6,000 NFTs on Magic Eden in 7 minutes.- Playable alpha launched in November with over 4,500 wallets connected.- Partnership with Samsung in place to get 500,000 game downloads over the next 6 months minimum.- Verified by Machinations game economy audit completed. Read the full 103 page report here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wTknRiKTVSiM5Xg8dM9cswz-jtXpLg7z/view?usp=sharing- Launched HiveMind v1 webapp in February 2023 that enhances gameplay by creating a desktop companion to mobile game for players to strategize, analyze, manage, and stake their Honeyland assets.- Launched Honeyland NFT Explorer iOS/Android app with custom rarity and ranking scores for all our NFT collections.- Partnership with Solana Mobile to be featured in the Solana Saga dApp store.