Vyvo Smart Chain ราคาขณะนี้ ฿1.24.

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Bitcoin Price and Marketcap


-1.75% (24H)
ต่ำ ฿1.21
สูง ฿1.29
  • Market Cap ฿2.50 B
  • Volume ฿21.12 M
  • ATH ฿2.72
  • ATH(เปลี่ยนแปลง %) -54.27%
  • วัน ATH

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วัน ราคา Volume MarketCap

Vyvo Smart Chain ราคาขณะนี้ ฿1.24 และมูลค่าตามราคาตลาด (Marketcap) ฿2.50 B. ราคาขณะนี้ -1.75% ราคาลดลง ใน 24 ชั่วโมง

What is Vyvo Smart Chain Network?Vyvo Smart Chain Network is a Layer 1 Ethereum-compatible blockchain network. It is the latest blockchain framework that aims to ensure data security and decentralization through hybrid Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Sensing (PoSe) validation protocols.What is Vyvo Coin $(VSC)?Vyvo Coin ($VSC) is the native cryptocurrency of Vyvo Smart Chain Network. It is used for various purposes within the ecosystem, including staking and rewarding users for contributions.How the Burn-and-Mint Economics will work in Vyvo Smart Chain?The Vyvo Coin (VSC) to Vyvo Data Credit (VDC) relationship is based on burn-and-mint equilibrium. This relationship’s intent is to allow for a supply of VSC to respond to Data purchase trends such that, when equilibrium is reached, the amount of VSC that currently exists remains static month-to-month. The amount of VDC produced by burning VSC will fluctuate based on the USD price of VSC.